In my 6 months living in Prague I came across plenty of blondes but also a fair number of brunettes. Although all our language are similar, most of the times we cannot understand each other. If you’ve seen Hostel, you probably think that all Slavic girls are hot but you might get drugged and your organs will be sold. Research carried out by scientists using various scientific methods has made it possible to compose a generalized portrait of the average Russian person. It is characterized by the absence of epicanthus – a fold in the inner eye, which covers the lacrimal tubercle. The list of characteristic features included medium height, stocky build, broad chest and shoulders, massive skeleton, and well-developed musculature. The prevalence of a straight nose profile in Russians is 75%, which is higher than the European average (70%).

What is certain for a fact is that the “ugly Eastern European woman” stereotype became more prevalent after The Russian Revolution came in effect. Soviet propaganda always showed a lot of muscle strong women working in the fields alongside the men as their “comrade-in-arms”. As fashion was considered bourgeois in Soviet society the industry in this field was fairly limited, resulting in domination of purely functional, often very ugly and shabby clothes designs. This also fit propaganda purposes, as it showed that everybody was equal. Western Red Scare propaganda did a lot to hammer this image in people’s minds and became more and more prevalent at the height of the Cold War. Especially in the USA, TV sitcoms, films and stand-up comedians liked to crack jokes about hideous Russian women. They may have a darker skin color compared to Russian women.

  • You must remember the main Ukrainian woman face features and pay attention to them.
  • Britannica celebrates the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment, highlighting suffragists and history-making politicians.
  • Of course, no one can give you any guarantee that the time spent in the Slavic country will be productive.
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Russia has a reputation for being the home of beautiful women – a stereotype reinforced by the number of Russians in the ranks of the world’s top models as well as a casual walk down the streets of Moscow. When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, Russian women benefit from both genetics and climate. Would you like to meet the world most beautiful petite girls? We are sure, you will meet the one your are looking for among the single ladies on our website. I strongly believe that confidence and persistence are the keys to success when dealing with Russia and its people. My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language. In the countries in the north like Slovenia and Croatia, you get a mix of girls.

As earlier stated, the beauty of these Slavic women does not fade with time. Slavic women know how to maintain their beauty the right way, and they do this not with the heavy use of cosmetics and beauty products but with the proper dieting techniques and healthy lifestyles. Slavic women love keeping their bodies and minds in top shape, so don’t be surprised if you see the one you like interested in going to the gym or getting engaged in any physical activity to keep fit. Several people admire Slavic women’s natural beauty and are envied worldwide because it shows just how beautiful women can be. Also, they have light skin most of the time, and their eyes are either blue or green.

In other Slavic countries the women might be a bit standoff-ish in the beginning but not so much here. Generally they are open and talkative although you should not confuse their warmth with them being easy. These women are very cliquey, much more so than other Slavs. Social circles and friends are everything down there. Yes, you can meet them outside of their group of friends but it will be much, much easier if you get introduced by someone and already have some social proof. In that regard they are very different from, say, Czech women or Russian women, who have no inhibitions to meet and date men they don’t know. It will help you to identify Slavic girls and make them fall HARD for you.


Ukrainians belong to the Dnieper-Carpathian group. Here there is a combination of tall stature, a relatively narrow forehead, and an extended face, a low and wide nose.

Slavic Women Features
  • They have sharp facial features, cat-like eyes, long legs and slender bodies.
  • My mission is to help you to establish a connection with this amazing country, be it through dating, life or language.
  • They don’t hold back from the people they love.
  • Since ancient times, people have been interested in the origin of the human race, attempts to explore this area have been made repeatedly.

Slavic women look beautiful and sexy without putting on much makeup and wearing revealing clothes. Only Northern Russians among East and West Slavs belong to a different, “Northern European” genetic cluster, along with Balts, Germanic and Baltic Finnic peoples . East Slavs have origins in early Slavic tribes who mixed and contacted with Finns and Balts.

Verified Ways How to Impress Russian Women

Personally I’m getting better at recognizing many different ethnicities from facial features. Individual people are not nearly as unique as I once believed, once I started trying to see regional averages and how they express in people. Quarrels often arise even when people are in love and aim to make a family. It is extremely important to communicate and understand each other.

Sure, not every single one looks like the models below but you’ll be amazed by how many cute women you’ll see in these countries. In Western Ukraine, Ukrainian women predominantly have narrow faces and high noses. In the south of Ukraine and in the center, women have a mixed appearance – skin tone from light to dark, eye color can also be varied and blue and green and brown. Slavic women often fall victim to rough stereotypes.

The main differences in appearance arose due to genetic mixing with people living in the neighborhood. In typical appearances, the horizontal profile and the bridge of the nose of medium height prevail, while the forehead is slightly sloping and not too wide, the brow is poorly developed.

They inherit their physical attributes from Turkish nomads and Scythian-Sarmatian tribes. The dark-haired women who belong to this area are not only charming, they are also known for their optimistic, cheerful and positive approach to life.

The women are attractive but do not nearly put in the same effort like in other countries. If you’re looking for a housewife, you would definitely be disappointed by them. I still have to make my way to Poland but once I do, I’ll make sure to choose the girls that look likeSandra Kubicka. My well-informed sources have told me that Polish women are cute, of average height, and mixed types. Last but not least, Bulgarian women like Nikoleta Lozanova are usually even darker than Serbians, on average slightly shorter and slightly less hot.